Magic of the Mind is an episodic series where each episode builds on the one before it. Here are all of our released episodes, listed in order! You can also stream or download them wherever you get your podcasts.

Episode 1 finds Eve on her first adventure, where she is tasked with sorting a library of books in different languages. Eve makes a new friend, Quest, and they work together to defeat an intimidating monster.

Explore the psychology of language written into episode 1. We discuss bilingualism, the social and cultural nature of language, the connection between language and thought, and the difference between written and spoken language with Dr. Debra Titone, director of the McGill Language and Multilingualism Lab.

In episode 2, Eve and Quest adventure to the circus, and are awed and surprised by what they find.

In the Science Behind the Story (SBTS) segment, explore the theories of attention and perception used in episode 2. Dr. Francesca Capozzi came in to explain what attention looks like, how the objects in our environment can influence the actions we take, and how Eve is able to recognize the red glitter from Allorina’s boots.

In episode 3, Eve journeys home to recover a lost memory, with the help of Onin, a dwarven healer.

In the Science behind the Story segment, discover mental time travel through the theories of memory written into episode 3! Dr. Signy Sheldon talks about the importance of context, the power of implicit memory, the process of creating false memories, the link between sleep and memory, and traumatic memories.

In episode 4, Eve returns to Tarquin with Cheers, a bard she meets along the way. The gang has a wild night out on the town, where they engage in recreational emotion enhancing.

In the SBTS, We unravel the science of emotions that Eve experiences during episode 4. Dr. Anna Weinberg talks about how emotions help us survive, the different effects of fear and happiness on the body, and the importance of social buffering in stressful situations.

If you’re interested, you can check out the Invisibilia Episode we mentioned, or learn more about Joe LeDoux, a big researcher in fear learning.

In Episode 5, Eve meets the man from her nightmares, and the gang travels to Tarquin to stop a horrible procedure.

Delve into the science of relationships explored in episode 5! Amy Gregory called in to talk about the importance of empathy, the basics of attachment theory, and how the person we are shapes our relationships (and vice versa).

Here’s the study that predicts college success based on relationships. There’s a few other Harvard studies that confirm: the best predictor of life-long happiness is close relationships.

In the finale for season 1, Eve makes an important decision about her future.

Learn about yourself through theories of identity, in our final interview of the season! Eve Blouin-Hudon explores different ways to look at the self, how identity can shift over time, and the importance of building a relationship with your future self.

Thanks for an incredible first season!

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